Probate and Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration – Where to Start?

If you are dealing with the bereavement of a loved one, we believe we can help lift some of the burden; whether that is by offering you advice, or administering the estate on your behalf.

A term you will often hear when dealing with an estate is ‘Probate’; this is an official court document giving the legal authority to administer the Estate. A common misconception is that you only need Probate if there was no Will; this is not true. Probate is always required where a deceased person owns a house, and it is commonly asked for when closing bank accounts, investments, to encash insurance policies and liquidating other large assets.

There are two slightly different processes involved, depending on whether or not the deceased left a Will:

  1. A Grant of Probate is required if there is a valid Will – the Executors, or an appointed person, applies to the Court for the authority to administer the estate
  2. A Grant of Letters of Administration is required where the person died ‘intestate’ which means they did not have a valid Will

What We Can Do For You

We can tailor make a Probate package to suit your needs; from a simple service just providing the Court Sealed Grant of Probate for your own administration purposes to a complete Estate Administration service.

  1. Providing Grant of Probate documents
    We will apply to the Courts on your behalf for the Court Sealed Grant of Probate, once obtained you can administer your loved ones Estate independently.
  2. Grant of Probate and Finances
    We will obtain the Grant of Probate from the Courts, settle the funeral bill* and encash all of your loved ones personal assets, including bank accounts, insurance / assurance policies, bonds / investments etc.
  3. Grant of Probate, Finances and House Sale
    As well as obtaining the Grant of Probate, settling the funeral bill* and encashing all of the personal assets; we can handle the sale of any property. This can include valuing the house and its’ contents, emptying the belongings and securing the property through to the completion of the sale and the closure of all utility accounts.

Whatever package you choose we will provide a free face to face initial meeting with a Probate Consultant at your home or a location of your choose and complete on-going customer support from a personal Probate Team member, who will keep you regularly updated on your case.

*Providing that the estate owns assets that can be liquidated.

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