Secure Document Storage

Storing your Will where others can find it

If anything happens to your Will, or if your executor doesn’t know where to find it, you might as well not have written one. You need to decide how to look after your Will, and then let your executor know where it is. The majority of our clients tend to store their Wills with us.

Tell your Executor where your Will is

Once you have made your decision about how to deposit your Will for safekeeping, it is essential to make sure that your executors know where it is and how to get it. Don’t just tell them – write it down.

Ways of storing a Will

There isn’t any particular place that the law says you must deposit your Will. Choose the option that’s safest and most appropriate for you.

You can keep your Will with your other documents, in a safe, or anywhere else you like – just make sure your executor knows where it is.

Pros: Free.

Cons: Risky, as the Will may be thrown away or damaged accidentally.

Where Not to keep your Will

Never keep your Will in a bank safety deposit box. When someone dies, the bank can’t open the deposit box until the executor gets probate (permission from the court to administer your affairs) – and probate can’t be granted without the Will. Always make sure that your Will can be accessed without probate.

The original Will is your only Will and must be kept safely

One place you should never keep an original Will is at home. If you have a fire, flood or burglary, you risk losing your Will. If your Will is damaged in any way, then the courts could declare the Will invalid.

You must keep your Will in a safe place; however that place must be easily accessible when the document is needed!


THOUSANDS of clients have already entrusted the safe keeping of their Will to us. Here are just a few of the benefits of our storage solution…

  • Peace of mind. All Wills are kept safe in our climate controlled, fire proof facility
  • Removes any unnecessary stress and burden from your family
  • Executors, family members/friends can be given our details so that they know who to contact when the time comes
  • Clients who store their Wills with us are entitled to reduced prices on our services
  • House deeds lodged at no extra charge

To discuss our storage solutions further please do not hesitate to get in touch.

IMPORTANT: Never attach other documents to the Will with staples, paperclips or anything else. They leave a mark on the Will, raising questions about whether the Will is missing a part or an amendment.

This makes things more difficult for your executor, which can be costly and time consuming. For example, they may contact one of the witnesses to attest whether the document is the one they witnessed being signed.

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