From the beginning….

From the beginning….



Welcome to Blog No 1 of the Will Writing Guild on our brand new website. We hope you find it enlightening and enjoyable.

Our director Stephen Judge started in the Will Writing business in 1988 by travelling around the North West encouraging people to write their Wills – even today, only one third of people in the UK make a Will in their lifetime! Stephen told me

“We had our first stand in 1988(ish) to advertise Will Writing at Bootle Strand shopping precinct, and another at Clayton Square in Liverpool. From the beginning, Bootle was where we took off securing almost 60 appointments in our first week, and from there we were flying.”

From here, Stephen worked out that spending a week in one location, just securing appointments would keep his diary full for up to four weeks.

“Over the next 20 years or so we had stands in Wallasey, Ellesmere Port, Chester, Runcorn, Blackpool, Lancaster…I feel sure I have missed quite a few. I found it hard work but it was great fun really, and it established us as a forerunner in our field. I was invited to have stands in several Co-op stores; the one next to Fylde Fish Bar was great as I was provided with cups of tea throughout the day by their lovely staff. I also gave a number of presentations at pension clubs which was brilliant for us as I could guarantee a gathering of 30 or more interested people.”

As time has progressed, so have we. Although we have not had stands for a number of years, we have attracted interest using local magazines, newspapers, and most of all from recommendations. We have expanded our range of services, and are now competitive in the provision of Lasting Powers of Attorney, various Trusts and Probate and Estate Administration Services.

As Stephen approaches retirement, his son Damian has taken the reins becoming a professional Will Writer also. Damian is steering the business forward towards a new generation.

In this past month we have launched our brand new website and started getting some online momentum through Facebook and OTS, and we hope to have more to report in the near future! Please take a look at our Website – any feedback will be gratefully received – and give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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